Water Work

Capturing the free movement of constructed textile sculptures the works explore the point at which fantasy and reality fuse. The sculptures are figurative demonstrations of fabric’s unique reaction to the earth’s unseen forces captured suspended in motion and in time. The series explores how the corporeal form can be represented through that most human of constructs: fabric, the material which links us across the many cultures of the world. The eerie sense of human familiarity the sculptures intimate as they move in their slow dance is photographed and played with; presented both in and out of sequence, as a series and alone. The images are taken on film and these photographs trap moments in time which could not have been created in any other way.

The fabric sculptures were made in Edinburgh and then photographed on 35mm on location in Las Alpujarras, Spain and Bocas Del Toro, Panama. The works are cut, sewn and weighted before being let loose into the water to find their own path through space. They are a step on an obsessive line which heads out into my foreseeable future. This is the one part of my practice which I hold closest to my self and while my practice spans across many mediums I carry this with me at the heart of what I do.

Morvern Odling, March 2015


eyecontact Eye Contact

C Type Print Series – 60 x 126cm


Lover #1

C Type Print – 60cm x 42cm


How Far Down You Fold Me

C Type Print – 42cm x 60cm


It Was Then I Knew She Would Leave

C Type Print Series – 180cm x 42cm


I Blink Thrice

C Type Print Series – 240cm x 42cm


I Blink Twice

C type Print Series – 120cm x 42cm


As Many Ways As I Could See

C Type Print Series – 240cm x 42cm


Sandy Furls (The Sun Girl)

C Type Print Series – 42cm x 90cmdownfoldme

How Far Down You Fold Me

C Type Print – 42cm x 60cm