Offerings Against (the possibility of unrequited love)

or   The Year I Dreamt of Sand





Three idols made as an offering to the artist’s time in Berlin, to the city and the myriad possibilities hanging on this piece of time. The contents are at once hidden and revealed, the only way to opening such offerings would be a violent act, to break the shell and retrieve the innards, though never able to put the shell back together once broken. The forms sit against a photograph of the artist’s ritual burying of offerings in sand, the earthly connection to her home in Scotland and the soil of Berlin (which is mainly sandy).  Using the 3D printer as part of the concept of the works, they are printed from one continuous extrusion of clear filament. The printer follows the contours of the form, mimicking the way in which caterpillars make their chrysalis, these forms are spun and they are completely hollow until filled.

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