The Orchestra of Art Noise is part of Canongate Youth Project’s 40th Anniversary year, the programme featured artworks created by a group of young people on the Employability Fund Programme. The works are rooted in Canongate’s youth music programme and celebrates the visual expression of sound. This programme was created and delivered by Morvern Odling and assisted by Mina Waite.

Participants Collaborative Two Colour A3 Risograph Prints – click to enlarge

The Orchestra of Art Noise

These instruments were created by the participants and were inspired by their research into the visual expressions of sound. Each contains a pick-up which links the sculpture to a guitar amp, through which it can express it’s true sound.

The Margaret, by Chloe

The Penelope, By Ellie

The Marvin, by Emma

The Cleo, By Lewis

The Helena, by Lorna

The Lucifer, by Jackie

The Egg, By Morgan

The Forrest, By John

The Castiel, By Caitlin

Gifs of Participants Handmade Sketchbooks of In Situ Drawings From The National Museum of Scotland