The Library is beginning to collect seeds and stories, facts and fictions of growing lore to build up a store of knowledge and plants. Gathering local specific varieties and found seeds from wild and cultivated plants the library will be categorised in winter of this year, based on the findings in the donations.

Based in the community growing spaces in Edinburgh the Library aims to promote the saving of seeds and knowledge of growing, preserving the legacy of theses people and the places.

Tell us about the day you collected the seeds.

Describe the seeds as part of the plant.

How did you collect the seeds – was it obvious what they were?

How many seeds can you collect in one go, is it a big producer or a rarer seed?

Can you remember the first time you encountered this plant?

Do you have memories of this plant at a specific time in your life

Does it remind you of anyone?

Would this plant heal a wound? Encourage a fever to leave? Make a room smell sweet?

Any superstitions, folklore, fables which involve this plant?

Tips or tricks to help it grow?

Where does it naturally grow, where else in the city do you see it grow?

What sound does the plant make in the wind?

Could you imagine wearing this plant, If yes – how?

Would you describe yourself as a gardener? A grower?

Do you have a space at any of the local community garden spaces?