Here I am! There’s a lot to cover, with not enough time or inclination to do so. Voila!

Morvern Odling is a Scottish visual artist with a social practice, based in the Republic of Ireland. Morvern’s practice explores materiality and publishing in social art, with a particular focus on open source ideologies and the new commons. She works with communities to design and develop  artistic tools which stem from themes of solidarity and resistance. She is currently undertaking a Research Masters at the Crawford College of Art in Cork.

Romantic Solar Cycle 25 Formula – test 1

This year we are at the start of a new Solar cycle. Every eleven years or so the Sun’s magnetic poles flip, and this change is marked by different levels of Solar activity from a Solar Maximum to a Solar Minimum.

NASA and EUSA are two huge scientific bodies which publish images, video and data of our Solar system and beyond under Open Source licences.

The Scottish Sunworshipping Society exists to promote an interest in our Sun, in ourselves and in time taken to just be.

Announcing Of Source, a research project into all things participatory art and open source.

I am exploring openness, ownership and origination in socially engaged art, creative collaboration and community publishing. For all the details click HERE

Sand Drawings, Wardie Bay June 2020

Quiet announcements of new work in 2020.

I received the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Ideas and Pioneers Fund just before the lockdown began. I have placed this work (and a more thorough announcement) on hold for now.

Just before lockdown began I had started in my new residency position at WHALE Arts, as co-production artist in residence. More on the work I have been doing at WHALE soon.

These are trying times, solidarity goes out to everyone in 2020.

Nothing from the end of 2019 is finished, and the 2020 announcements of works are not yet made. Please hold.

Delighted to share my new project in Craigmillar, a community art and food exhibition and artefact book!

Three Sites on the Almond: A new collaboration with fellow artist Annie Lord for Forth Rivers Trust.

We will be researching, co-creating and producing three separate pieces of public work along the River Almond in West Lothian, involving local groups in the process.

We’re in the very first steps of our process, and the river is full of movement and ideas. Not least of which are the three sites of human intervention for migratory species; where the artworks will be situated.

To see Annie’s work visit her website HERE

To learn more about Forth Rivers Trust and the work that they do visit their site HERE

A new Open Source resource has been published!

This zine workbook was made in collaboration with young people at Canongate Youth Project when the group was faced with difficult emotions and anxiety stemming from their upcoming interviews for jobs and college. It shares a method for using creativity to tackle stressful feelings and situations, and the printable version is ready to download now! Just click HERE

Back from New Orleans to “real life”. You can keep it.

But there’s art to be made, applications to be written, books to be shared and life to be lived. Summer 2019 isn’t sure what it wants to be yet, messy and sore so far but with sparks of hope.