Life changes. Working on new editions at Dizzy Ink in Nottingham for most of the month of July.

A transcription of the violin line from Jon Hopkin’s Open Eye Signal

Group humming feels significant. Each time we let the sound diminsh and dissapate there is a small pause, a moment of collective recognition that we are bodily presences together in a room. Something significant just passed through.

Wednesdays continue; careful, quiet and fruitful. Colour, sound, movement and a collective moment to bring supportive things to mind. For more information on these sessions click here

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“an aesthetic based upon principles of improvisation, electronic music, ritual, teaching and meditation”. Pauline Oliveros, 1932 – 2016

I’ll be there making zines and sharing dreams xx

Annie & I delighted to reunite the MZ790 with the real world. Riso dreams do come true!

Here I am! There’s a lot to cover, with not enough time or inclination to do so. Voila!

Morvern Odling is a Scottish visual artist with a social practice, based in the Republic of Ireland. Morvern’s practice explores materiality and publishing in social art, with a particular focus on open source ideologies and the new commons. She works with communities to design and develop  artistic tools which stem from themes of solidarity and resistance. She is currently undertaking a Research Masters at the Crawford College of Art in Cork.

Colour and resolution tests make miniature artworks. Preparing for exhibitions is a pressure can of joy.