The physical world we inhabit and our personal internal landscapes are intrinsically linked. Both are in need of advocates for positive change.

My artistic practice sits at the cross-section between visual art, interactive design, community engagement and social justice campaigning. I explore our varying relationships with geography; what physical imprints we leave on the land as we live, and how our remnants come to represent who we are and who we could be. Together with these themes I emphasise the joy of our collective journey and how creative endeavours can have a long lasting positive effect, bringing people together and inspiring curiosity into the now.

I work across different artistic and design disciplines, making objects, books, photographs and designing frameworks through which others can engage with my making practice. I often pair words and sculptures with photographs, creating narratives through the configuration of sequences and series. Participation breathes life into my practice, whether it is through the use of objects such as a bike trailer kitchen and artist’s books, or simply by encouraging others into their own creativity: art for me is something which is shared.

My aim is to learn ways that my artistic work can help create the world I want to live in. I am a strong advocate for the Slow and Open Source movements, and I publish resources under an open source licence as part of my practice. My manifesto for Open Source Ideologies in Community Engagement and Participatory Art can be found HERE

Art is part of being human. It is for everyone. It can be used to inspire and implement positive action for ourselves, for others and for the planet.

If you wish to know more about me or my practice please get in touch!