Edible Stories is a food and art project which collected recipes and made artworks with people from all over Craigmillar, a neighbourhood in the East of Edinburgh.

Edible Stories talked to people about how food inspires us to tell our stories. Printmaking & drawing workshops gathered people together to celebrate the diversity of the area through the different food which people cook and enjoy. From everyday staples to special occasions, Edible Stories was open to all.  

The collected works were presented in an exhibition in Craigmillar Library before being made into an artifact book for the community.

Edible Stories was a collaboration between artist Morvern Odling and Carr Gomm, a social isolation charity with a base in Craigmillar. The project collected over 60 recipes and worked with 10 partner organisations in Craigmillar. The project employed locally based artists to lead workshops, photograph participants and create the cover works for the book.

The artefact book is currently being developed into a small print run book which will be shared in Craigmillar’s community and beyond.