Fork In The Road is a creative research project exploring the relationships between community and food – we’re re-imagining where kitchens can be found in Edinburgh!

This project came to life in Madrid in 2015, where Morvern Odling, Yannick Roels and Suraia Abud came together at design futures event Interactivos at the Media-Lab Prado. Images and details of this project can be found HERE

These mobile units are towed by bikes, and will be turning up in different community spaces to engage people in their environment; through meals, workshops and culinary bicycling adventures.

Coming Soon – The Plans!
This is an open source project and all of the designs and knowledge from the community engagement discussions will be made available under its open source licence. On the 29th and 30th of July 2017 co-design workshops were held to create a second iteration of the original designs made in Madrid in 2015. These new plans have been designed for Edinburgh’s environment and communities, influenced by the knowledge gained from the co-design event.  >outcomes from the two days workshop <

We had an opening debut as part of Edinburgh Tool Library’s exhibition at St Margaret’s House here we are speaking about it –


If this sounds like it’s up your street, or would interest your community please get in touch with Mo to discuss how we can collaborate – email

Find out about Edinburgh Tool Library and see Fork In The Road’s home page – which will be updated much more regularly –  HERE