“Listening is directing attention to what is heard, gathering meaning, interpreting and deciding on action.” ~ Pauline Oliveros

During my time at The Living Commons in Cork city I ran a weekly series which combined mindfulness practices, sound, drawing, clay, movement and introductory through- facilated meditations. These sessions drew inspiration from the Sonic Meditations and theory of Deep Listening by American composer, and radical feminist, Pauline Oliveros.

Teach Yourself to Fly, Pauline Oliveros, 1969

Dedicated to Amelia Earhart

Any number of persons sit in a circle facing the center.

Illuminate the space with dim blue light. Begin by simply observing your own breathing. Always be an observer. Gradually allow your breathing to become audible.

Then gradually introduce your voice. Allow your vocal cords to vibrate in any mode which occurs naturally. Allow the intensity of the vibrations to increase very slowly.

Continue as long as possible, naturally, and until all others are quiet, always observing your own breath cycle.

Variation: translate voice to an instrument.