Water Work is a series of new photography works capturing the free movement of constructed textile sculptures. The works explore the point at which fantasy and reality fuse; where the sculptures are figurative demonstrations of fabric’s unique reaction to the earth’s unseen forces, captured suspended in motion and in time. The series explores how the corporeal form can be represented through that most human of constructs: fabric, the material which links us across the many cultures of the world. The eerie sense of human familiarity the sculptures intimate as they move in their slow dance are captured and played with; presented both in and out of sequence, as a series and alone.

Opening Night 


Writing about oneself or ones work is either disturbingly easy or disgustingly hard.

In relation to the upcoming exhibition of my odd assortment of works I have found that my lack of an artists statement is not only a gaping hole in my portrayal of myself and my work but also a major pain in my derrier now I come to write one.

So in the meantime here is a photograph I took and I line I wrote and some hope for me, for you and my heart between us.




Never have it said I didn’t see you when I went looking


December! You gaudy monster, full of cheer to keep out the cold. Well I’ll be hiding in my studio and working to pay off the bill that month of sunshine left me. That’ll show me.


Eye View, 35 mm negative scan

work in progress

I am away travelling until December!

Bag is all packed and passport is located. New York, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama – I’m on my way!



Colourways for Mural #1, Morvern Odling, 2014

The mixed feelings after the Referendum run riot around social media and the portrayal of our country in the news. However when I look I see the pride and hope that we have created with our decision, our decision to vote and to come together to voice our opinion. We have a voice and now we’ll use it, this debate has re-engaged the nation, I would hope to see no more apathy- no more 30% turnout. I’m proud to be Scottish, living in Scotland in our time.

Work progresses as it usually does, in fits and starts, with trips and applications and life all keeping me moving forward. This website feels out of date now, a lumbering thing which needs a fair amount of pruning and reorganisation.

Though the summer has been and gone, it still clings to us with these sunny days.


Union Canal, July 2014

So it turns out there is never enough time for blogging. Maybe someday soon?

2014-08-06 15.20.09

a fault in the print, last days of the residency

In the meantime more things can be found and seen at www.wear3d.orglogo

oneOne day I will find time for blogging. But for now. PShhhhhhhhht.

Hidden Door 2014 is GO!

Progress photos will be posted after the install, don’t want to give too much away.

Here’s a wee sneaky peak of the colour….


2014-03-15 10.24.35-1


And a sneaky peak at the process:


035_35Let’s get it on, let’s do this. Come on brain and body, pull it together! No? A day of dithering and misdirection? Okay. (repeat until overwrought)